This is an image of the cooling system that I use, I have a small radiator with 6 muffin fans blowing through in the same direction, 3 on one side and 3 on the other side. I have 2 computer type water pumps, in parallel to circulate the water through the camera and then it flows back down through the radiator, and then the water flows into a cooler with reservoir of water for additional cooling and then back through the pumps to complete the cycle.  



  This is a close up of the  Danger Den CPX1 12volt water pump that I used in the system, the fittings are not shown but they are available at you local hardware store, these particular pumps are no longer produced but there are other pumps of the same size and value that can be purchased.

This is a link to the pump:
CPX1 Pump

This is a picture of the 12v  Six Pack cooler that is used for secondary cooling, i drilled two holes in the back side of the lid for the tubing.

This is a link to the cooler:



This is a picture of the tubing i use to transfer the water, although i used a 3/16 OD and a 1/32 wall thickness to eleiminate the weight and size the smaller diamiter tubing is hard to control the kinks as the scope system moves around its axis, the 1/4 OD with 1/8 wall thickness works much better.

Here is a link to the tubing:



This is a picture of the muffin fans that i used for this system, i can no longer find a source for this fan but any muffin fan that you can find for the radiator that you use is fine, you just need to move air across the fins of the radiator, some computer type radiators come with built-in fans which were not available when I put together my system.


This is a close up picture of the radiator with the fans attached, i can no longer locate the source of this radiator but there are a number of radiators available for this use.

This is a link for a source of small radiators:


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