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IC 1805 The Heart Nebula

This is a 16 panel mosaic or over 128 individual images with 8 images per panel, the exposure time was 10mins each and took 7 separate nights over a 4 month period from October 2012 to January 2013. I will not be able to get the color to add to the image until next season or September 2013. I missed the entire month of November  2012 which would have afforded me the time to collect the color needed to make this image pop. The Heart Nebula, IC 1805, lies about 7500 light years away from Earth and is located in the Perseus Arm of our own Milky Way Galaxy in the constellation Cassiopeia. This is an emission nebula showing glowing gas and darker dust lanes. The nebula is formed by plasma of ionized hydrogen and free electrons.

The nebula has an intense red output, that I may be able to capture next season, and its configuration is driven by the radiation emanating from a small group of stars near the nebula's center. This open cluster of stars in the center, known as Melotte 15, contains a few bright stars nearly 50 times the mass of our Sun, and many more dim stars that are only a fraction of the size of our Sun. The cluster used to contain a micro quasar that was expelled millions of years ago.

The 2012 data was taken in a period from   October  2012  to  January  2013  - 128 X 10 minute

The 2013 data was taken in a period from September 2013 to October 2013  - 560 X 10 minute

The 2013 image is a combination of both sets of data.


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Hyperion 12.5
Mountain Instruments MI250
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The Sky 6
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Oak Hills Observatory
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