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NGC 1977 The Running Man Nebula

NGC 1977 The Running Man Nebula is a reflection nebula This object was named 'The Running Man Nebula' by Texas Astronomical Society member Jason Ware. Approximately 20 years ago his down stairs neighbor looked at the object and said it looked like a running man. He brought this up a TAS club meeting and the name stuck.

NGC 1977 the "Running Man" or "Ghost" nebula  is located in the constellation of Orion about 1,500 light years from Earth  and approximately one half a degree to the north of M42, the Great Orion nebula. NGC 1977 Is approximately 9 light years across and is perhaps one of the most beautiful and intriguing objects in the entire night sky. The huge area of blue reflection nebulosity is inlaid with lanes of red glowing hydrogen gas which resembles the figure of a "man" or "ghost." The huge dust lanes around the base of NGC 1977, which appear brownish in this image, owe their appearance to the reflected light of M42. Without M42 in close proximity, these dust lanes would appear black, just as the Horsehead nebula appears black. NGC 1973/75 is the main area of nebulosity. NGC 1977 is the cluster inside the nebula, and NGC 1981 is the cluster above the nebula.


This image was taken in December 2013

This image consists of  :  LRGB = 30 X 10mins    HA = 82 X 10mins  OIII = 70 X 10mins  Total time = 45.3 hours










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